As first-time home buyers, we were overwhelmed with how to even begin exploring the real estate market in Boston. We tried scheduling viewings directly on Zillow and it became even more evident we were out of our league; seller agents brushed us aside in favor of more “serious” buyers, and the few places we did find were snatched up in a matter of days. All of that changed when we started working with Jess. She walked us through every step of the home buying process, acting as our Realtor®, financial advisor, legal counsel, chief negotiator, and therapist (there were certainly tears). She took all of the hard work out of finding a home we love: she sent us listings nearly daily, helped me and my partner align on our “must haves” in a home, and pushed us to keep looking so we didn’t settle. She helped us juggle all of the balls throughout the initial offer and closing process, navigating banks, lawyers, agents and sellers. She joined us during the walk-through to make sure the place was in perfect shape, and - in all seriousness - even carried out a piece of furniture the sellers left in the basement so we had a clean slate to start with. As a result of Jess’ hard work and diligence, we found the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood and at the perfect price. If you’re a first-time home buyer, or really anyone looking to move into a home you love, I cannot recommend Jess enough.
– Jillian D.
Every real estate transaction is unique in the challenges it presents. Ours required effective, inventive, and knowledgeable pursuit of the smaller buyer pool purchasing at a high price point. Jessica tirelessly went above and beyond to capitalize upon every opportunity to market and increase the visibility of our property. She employed her impressive knowledge of the local market to differentiate our property from its stiff competition. The success of our transaction was also largely due to Jessica's considerable interpersonal skills. Most notably, Jessica demonstrated an exceptional ability to respond to the emotions and concerns of all involved parties with tremendous diplomacy, tact, discretion, and aplomb. Her impressive capacity for problem-solving and negotiation ensured the advancement of our interests every step of the way. I'm confident that Jessica would meet and exceed every challenge presented by your transaction in order to obtain the most favorable results for you as well.
– Buyer & Seller
Jessica acted as a buyers agent for us and after doing a ton of research and due diligence she found us the perfect home that met/exceeded all our specific expectations. During the search process, we requested that she not bother us with homes that fell short of our expectations and she never disappointed us by taking us on visits to properties that "we might like". When she showed us the "perfect home for you" we bought it within 24 hours of our first visit! She conducted the negotiations professionally and guided us with advice based on the market research she had done, and her intimate knowledge of the property, neighborhood, etc. . We were beyond pleased with her attentiveness to our wishes and her thoroughness when it came to details. We know that we were not "easy clients" yet Jessica was always pleasant and fun to work with. Strongly recommend that anyone use her to represent them as either or both a selling or buyers agent. She is the best.
– Dean C.
My mother unexpectedly and suddenly passed away this past year. While that experience alone would have been stressful enough, finding myself as the executor of her estate and needing to sell a home, during the pandemic, out-of-state seemed like an insurmountable task. In addition, I am a foster parent and was not permitted to leave the state for the duration of COVID. Thankfully, a friend recommended Jessica. She took care of everything to the extent that all I needed to do was state my mother's wishes and sign documents online. Jessica showed exemplary care during the sale of the house, even down to cleaning out the house and making sure her personal belongings went to good causes rather than being discarded when possible. The house sold for the above-asking price within a matter of days of being put on the market. I could not be more grateful for her help.
– Megan M.


My unprecedented professionalism, skill, and attention to detail has allowed me to be a consistent top producer on the South Shore. I will ensure your buying or selling experience exceeds your expectations. I look forward to working with you.

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